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Join the 9th "Eurasia Veterinary Conference" in

Cambodia 15 - 19. Feb 2016

After the very successful last Eurasia Veterinary Conferences in Bangkok, Bali, Langkawi, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, and Borneo, we are going 2016 to Cambodia, more specifically to Sihanoukville. The conference Hotel will be the Sokha Beach Resort and Spa Hotel! Cambodia can be easily reached via short flights from Bangkok or other cities. International airports in Cambodia are in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap - where the amazing Ankor Wat Temple are is located - a must see in Asia!!!

The Eurasia Veterinary Conference not only offers a high class program, we also try to pick great places for the conference.

Cambodia is a small country with a big history. Now a modest player on the world stage, this was once the seat of one of Asia’s most magnificent early civilizations, the mighty Khmer empire of Angkor, whose legendary temples continue to provide a touchstone of national identity – as well as attracting millions of visitors every year. Away from the temples, much of the country remains refreshingly untouristed and, in many places, largely unexplored.

Cambodia’s sleepy towns and cities are a delight, with their faded colonial architecture and old-fashioned charm, while in the countryside a host of memorable landscapes await, from the mighty Mekong River and great Tonle Sap lake to the remote forested highlands of Rattanakiri, Mondulkiri and the Cardamom Mountains. Down south, in complete contrast, the coast serves up a beguiling cocktail of party-lifestyle hedonism, idyllic beaches and magical islands.

Much of Cambodia’s appeal derives from its slightly anachronistic, faintly time-warped character. Compared to the far more populous and economically developed countries of Thailand and Vietnam that hem it in on either side, Cambodia remains an essentially rural society, and something of a regional backwater. The country’s provincial hinterlands appear to have changed little in generations, offering a refreshing throwback to an older and simpler era (from the outside at least), with beautiful stilted wooden houses set amid a patchwork of rice paddies and sugar palms. And although living standards for most of the population are basic in the extreme, Cambodians as a whole remain among Asia’s most friendly and welcoming people.

It’s perhaps this warmth and hospitality which most impresses many visitors to Cambodia.

The conference will take place at the Shoka Beach Resort and Spa Hotel at a beach location close to Sihanoukville.

Main congress program: There will be HOT TOPIC sessions (2 - 4 hours each), in which our specialists will cover the most recent information in their specific area - a summary of the latest developments, presented at international conferences or from new articles. The lecturers will pick the most important topics from their area - that are useful for private practice!

Optional Workshops are offered in the afternoon covering various topics!



Cambodia (international Airports are Phnom Penh and Siem Reap) can easily be reached via short connection flights from Bangkok (and others).

Hand-in-hand with the many attractions, Cambodia is also a place where you will not run out of things to do. You'll have a choice of mountain climbing, diving, paragliding, white-water rafting and jungle trekking as well as many other more sedate activities.

Congress language is english (and german in separate sessions).
Internationally renowned european specialists come to Asia and present you the most recent information about current veterinary diagnostics and therapy of small animal internal medicine.

Enjoy small animal continuing educationon at one of the world's most beautiful location - Cambodia.

Cambodia: the land of the ancient and rich culture of the Khmer civilization. From its mystical jungle-entwined Angkor temples to its pristine white-sand beaches, Cambodia offers everything from exciting urban bustle to breathtaking natural parks.





HOT TOPIC sessions are in the following areas:

• Infectious diseases
• Gastroenterology
• Emergency and critical care
• Neurology
• Cardiology
• Nutrition

• Dermatology

• Nephrology
• Repitles and other exotic animals


The conference is divided into lecture sessions in morning lectures and optional workshops in the afternoon.

By attending the lectures in the morning session, attendants can expect to acquire the most important new findings in most sub-disciplines` of internal medicine. The intensive training will be for veterinary practitioners with major emphasis on a case-oriented and problem-solving approach. The aim of the lectures is to give participants the competence in internal medicine to solve most of the problems in daily practice.

In the afternoon some subjects will be discussed in optional workshops (bookings separately).

Workshops have a limited number of participants and require participants to work actively with instructional tools provided by the faculty. Each session offers an outstanding opportunity to study and practice with board-certified specialists at ease in an instructional role.

The following workshops are offered:

• Cardiology

• Internal medicine

• Neurology

• Dermatology

• Emergency

This conference has now been approved for up to 32.5 Vet Ed points as follows:
- The main conference program is eligible for 3.5 points per day (up to 17.5 points for full week attendance);
- Each one of the five optional workshops is eligible for a further 3 points.

Conference location
The conference will be held at the Sokha Beach Resort and Spa on a wonderful beach in Sihanoukville. Our Hotel has a private beach, so we can enjoy the beach and the sun at the breaks!

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The speakers are internationally renowned specialists from the university in Munich, Germany and members of several European, American and Australian Colleges (ECVIM-CA, ACVIM, ACVSD, ACVD, ECVD, ACVSc) in the specialities internal medicine, oncology, dermatology and cardiology. Read more

Conference organsation in cooperation with:

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